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08 March 2010 @ 01:34 pm
I stumbled across the recording of LUCIA on the library's web site (after I was looking for a FIGARO recording and found the one with Jacquie singing Susanna :) ) and I gotta say it's pretty freaking sweet listening to myself on the internet AND knowing I'm forever embedded in a Cook Music Library catalog entry.

I feel so validated.

10 February 2010 @ 09:56 pm
WHY are opera albums so crazy expensive?!? I mean, I know opera is worth more than $9.99 on iTunes, but still...would be nice...

Just puttin' that out there.

I am extremely fortunate to have the vast resources of the IU digital library at my disposal and could listen to any opera I wanted to...as long as I'm sitting at a computer connected to the internet. I want my music on MY iPod, at MY fingertips, at MY convenience, dammit!

While we're on the subject of the library, I don't get how people check out scores and keep them for months and months and months (unless you're performing a role [in which case I believe you should just buy the damn score anyway] or writing a paper). If you check out a vocal score or an opera anthology, you copy the aria you need and return the book!! (Unless you're in some NATS-like competition and need the original...) Oh to hell with it, I'm just pissed because there's one aria I want to try out and every book containing it is checked out and I can't afford to buy any of them from somewhere else. There! I'm so SELFISH!

...But I would have made copies and returned the book within the hour.
02 February 2010 @ 02:21 pm
Am killing time by Youtubing Lucia scenes, and I would like to know...


Yes, she is a beautiful woman, a convincing actress and a capable singer. No argument. But her singing is so UTTERLY devoid of ANY musicality and emotion it ruins the performance. I just don't get it. It makes me so angry!!! And she has this legion of raving lunatic fans who are VICIOUS in their defense of her youtube videos and their criticism of other (better, iconic) singers. (**reads above** oops.)
Damn the subjectivity (is that a word? idk.) of music.
At any rate, her Lucia was terrible. Heather and Angela are so much better. :)

Watched the other cast's dress rehearsal last night...AMAAAAZING

Um, Jacobs School of Music. We need to talk about these ridiculous DMA requirements. Do I have this correct? - THREE YEARS of coursework AND a 100-pg dissertation?! For a PERFORMANCE degree?? Oh I can do a lecture-recital instead of a dissertation? Cool...ah, I see. Then I'd only have to do a 50-page dissertation. Riiiiight...
God, don't know what to do with rest of life. Don't think I can handle being a professional student for another 5 or so years. It's quickly losing its charm. Might have to tack on extra semester to finish MM as it isArgh argh argh. Maybe at end of master's I'll start auditioning for young artists' programs and apprenticeships (sp? ARGH i don't even know what they're CALLED...into second semester at top vocal program and still know nothing...hopeless) and if nothing goes my way I could go for my Performer's Diploma?

I have never wanted boiled crawfish so badly in my LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFE

Have stopped watching the news because of all the snarky Super Bowl Colts-Are-Amzing-I'd-Hate-to-Be-a-Saints-Fan comments. Stupid perky newscasters.

Still can't believe Saints going to Bowl. Am surprised neighbors didn't call cops as we were screaming/crying/throwing things until 11pm last sunday. People in Lucia cast have been asking me what "Who Dat" means...am ashamed to say I blanked first time ("...no one's ever asked me that...") Dont' know where to watch game yet. Don't want to be alone in apt and we have a couple of Saints bar buddies but aren't sure if they'll be there and don't want to be amidst screaming Coltists.

I saw a petition on Facebook ppl can sign to get Lil Wayne's jail time shortened. That asshole is from New Orleans and was rooting for the Vikings. I say let him rot.

Lucia opens this weekend!!!! CRAAAAAAAAAAAAZY. If you Louisiana folk are bored over the next 2 weekends, WATCH ONLINE! Both Lucias are fantastic. It's worth watching for the Mad Scene alone!!

I HAAAAAAAATE choir. I wrote on my audition sheet "Voice type: Mezzo...Ensmeble preference: Opera Chorus" and got "Soprano I - Contemporary VOcal Ensemble" Fail. I haven't really had problem with it until now, until we got this new piece which makes me (and [I feel comfortable in saying] the rest of the choir) want to kill themselves when we sing it.

Bean's mom and Jared and Matt are coming to visit this week and then NEXT week my parents and my sister and grandma and aunt are coming!! Yay!!!!!!!!

If I can make it thru the next month this semester is shaping up to be infinitely better than the last one.

13 December 2009 @ 10:46 pm
Am on a much-needed break from studying for Music History. Such a fail weekend.

I just watched Paula Deen and Cat Cora face off against Tyler Florence and Robert Irvine on Iron Chef, Holiday Dessert Battle. Secret ingredient: Sugar.
I'm about to go into a sugar coma just from watching the judges eat all that stuff. Especially Paula's cookies with a filling consisting primarily of butter.

I want to party with Paula Deen. When I'm a rich and famous opera star (ha) I'm going to hire her to come to my house around the holidays. Not necessarily to cook, just to come over and be Paula Deen.

Would v. much like to skip to a week from now. If all goes according to plan we will be about 3 hrs from Oxford. Actually, skipping to a week from tomorrow afternoon would be better. Then will be home and can skip the drive altogether.
I get to see friends and family, and spend Christmas AND NEw YEar's with them, and sing a couple of masses at Holy Ghost, and watch TWO Saints games, and eat EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE, and go see Soul Rebels on New YEar's with my bff Danielle, and drink daiquiris every night, and...
OH words cannot describe my excitement.
I'll have to be semi-productive though. Will be spending time in SLU practice rooms: brushing up on Lucia, Elijah aria for auditions (if I even got a time slot? have they been posted yet? anyone know? love the choral dept.), working on recital rep (methinks will schedule for early fall) and learning/translating Opera Workshop music. Am excited because i'm singing Cherubino in a Figaro scene (now I just have to learn it in Italian) and Tisbe in the opening scene of Cenerentola, which is a good bit of singing - yay! I'm really looking forward to OpShop - get to work with Carol Vaness and meet bunch of peeps from other studios.
So, we're going to be home for 3 weeks because that's the max Bean could ask off. We planned to return to B-town around the 9th, which (since I didn't bother looking at the academic calendar until very recently)I thought would give me a week to unpack and brace for spring semester.

Classes start on the 11th. Fail.
Let me get this straight - IU fall semester ends a week AFTER SELU/LSU, spring semester begins a week BEFORE theirs, and Spring Break is NOWHERE near Easter (like it's SUPPOSED to be...boo for not living in Catholic area)...
Indiana fail.
Although just checked SLU's calendar for spring and IU is out a week BEFORE yall. Win.
But yall get Mardi Gras holidays. Fail.

OK, I'm REALLY grateful I'm in an opera, but it WOULD be my luck that Lucia's 2 weekends are Super Bowl (and with my luck it will be the Saints v. the Colts and we won't get to go out in public to watch the game without being attacked) and the weekend before Mardi Gras (will miss my Drew Brees in Bacchus!!), so there's no chance of sneaking home for a quick trip to celebrate either of these auspicious Louisiana occasions. But my family's coming up to see Lucia on one of those weekends (probably the first one - I can't imagine the Rownds/Wainwrights would choose to cross the Mason-Dixon Line during Mardi Gras)so that will be fun!!

Should really get back to studying.
07 December 2009 @ 09:19 am
So 6am alarm goes off. Fail.

I wake up, turn on the news, and all they're talking about is the snow that fell during the night! Win!

I go to the window, everything is covered in white and it's still snowing. Win.

I think, "Yahoo! Snow day!" and get back in bed and plan to sleep for a few more hours then go play in the snow with Bean and The Puppy and come back inside for some hot chocolate and marshmallows. Win!!

THEN I remember just where I am, and that they don't HAVE "snow days" up here.

Epic fail.

Once I got dressed and to the bus stop it took a LOT to convince myself not to turn around and go get back in bed. Meanwhile, there were about ten people in Music History this morning. Argh.

I have two lessons this week and a presentation in Italian on Petrarch that I haven't started. Also must begin studying for Music History final. 4 Italian classes, 2 more histories, 2 lessons and I'm done. I CAN make it to Friday, I CAN make it to Friday, I CAN...
06 December 2009 @ 08:03 pm
All plans for post-game studying have been shot to hell. Too amped up from insane Saints game finale. Perhaps wine will calm me down. (I don't care if it does or not, I just want a glass of fucking wine).

Although wine isn't really conducive to studying either.

*pops cork*
30 November 2009 @ 09:30 am
Is oh so chilly today. I see a peppermint mocha in my immediate future.

There are no words to express my distress that Lucia rehearsals start TONIGHT. During MNF. My 10-0 Saints v. Cheating stupid Patriots (My 2nd least-favorite team. I hope Will Smith knocks some of Pretty Boy Brady's teeth out tonight.) Uber-lame. I mean I'm really excited about rehearsals starting finally, I just wish I could see the game. (I'll probably have to go pick Drunk Bean up at Brother's after rehearsal. Where he got to watch the game on nice TVs. With pitchers of cheap cold beer. They also make a close-to-perfect Bloody Mary. And really good bar food. Loaded chili-cheese fries...)
Holy CRAPBALLS I'm hungry.
Now when I say "excited about rehearsals starting" I really mean "about to pee my pants I'm so terrified". I don't have a hair-raising amount of singing to do but this is the first rehearsal with everyone and the maestro and I really just don't want to embarass myself. Anxious much? Yes.

SO the weather. Thursday and Friday will be amazing. Because they're predicting snow! Like inches. The highs in the upper 20s may not be so fun. Especially for fun caroling gig Thursday night. I and 2 other ppl get to sing outside some jeweler's Christmas open house for 3 hours, in full period Dickensian costume (although i'll be wearing sweats under my skirts)! Getting paid handsomely for it too. I really hope I'm not called Thursday night. I don't know what it's like trying to get out of rehearsal up here, but Lord I need the money! Full cast is called tonight and tomorrow night, so God willing Maestro will approve and won't call Alisas Thursday night. Thursday afternoon, fine. Just PLEASE Jesus, anytime but Thursday night!!

Just 2 more weeks of classes, then 2 finals. I'll be in Hammond 3 weeks from today. Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice greatly.
20 November 2009 @ 08:30 am
SO disgusted with Project Runway. (Not necessarily the result, more the way it came about) Really wish I hadn't finished off my bottle of SoCo during the Saints/Carolina game (super duper stressful).

New Moon opened last night!!..Yeah, I don't give a shit. I read the Twilight book and saw the Twilight movie, so I can say with authority that they both were shallow, poorly written, and I just don't get it. I was mildly interested in whether or not Edward turns Bella eventually, but not enough to grimace my way through the rest of the series, so I asked a "Twi-hard" (oh. god. *vomit*) and he RELUCTANTLY told me, so I'm good. The previews for New Moon have piqued my interest, (because it looks better than hours of Bella and Edward staring at each other) but I doubt I'll fight my way into the theater (or Blockbuster when it comes out to rent.)
Ha! The news is doing a story on the midnight showings and at the end one of the anchors goes "So which one's Edward and which one's Jacob? *grunts* In other news..."

Am uber-jealous of schools that get a full week off for Thanksgiving. Although considering IU didn't have freaking LABOR DAY off, I should be thankful (hehe) that there are no classes Wednesday. Although had I known that my classes Tuesday would be canceled I would have planned to go home. I totally would have driven 12 hours to spend 4 days with my family at Thanksgiving. At least we get to go to Bean's aunt's in Missouri so we don't spend Thanksgiving alone. I was kind of looking forward to cooking dinner myself, but this is much better :)

The whole Sarah Palin-Book signing in Noblesville thing pisses me off. My opinion of SP aside, the 1st 1000 ppl in line yesterday (because there were many more than 1000) got "wristbands" that allowed them to get their book signed by her, and now they're saying that not all those with wristbands got to get their books signed. They were snubbed! Plus you couldn't take pictures or bring posters/memorabilia for her to sign. That's because she's a maverick.

doo doo doo...

They're predicting flurries/snowy mix for Wednesday and Thursday! :D :D

ILOVECHRISTMASITISTHEBESTTIMEOFYEARCHRISTMASCHRISTMASCHRISTMAS!!!!!!!! I'm so so so so excited about putting up Christmas decorations next weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!! I've been fighting SO HARD to not listen to the Christmas tunes. I usually wait until after Thanksgiving to get into The Spirit, but since we'll be out of town that weekend and i'll be too tired to decorate when we get back.....perhaps Tuesday will be a good day! Got nothing to do but pick up my headshots at 3:00 (which I'm soooooooooooo excited about - they look great!!)

Choir rehearsal today, tomorrow (not normal choir days) and performance Sunday (during the Saints game. Ugh.) Methinks I'll treat myself to some belated birthday retail therapy and spend money I don't have. Sounds like a plan.
02 November 2009 @ 01:30 pm
TEEEEEEEEEENY tiny inklet of what could possibly end up as an idea has come into my brain and has started to root.

I may not go for my doctorate after I finish my master's.

This is only partly because the idea of school is REEEEAAALLLY starting to lose its appeal, but here is my thinking:
(God willing) I'll get my Master's in May 2011. I want to get married in fall 2011. (I think 2 years is plenty long, I really don't want to wait (and make ppl wait) longer than that.) I will get married in Louisiana. I do NOT want to plan a LA wedding from Indiana. I would like to move home after I get my degree (unless Bean gets a "real" job here). So all that being said, it doesn't make much sense to move home for a year, get married, get a place in LA, get jobs and then uproot whatever Bean's doing and pack up back to IU for the next fall. Seems pretty darn stupid actually. I suppose the other option would be to leave Bean in LA and come back to IU and finish DMA work alone (because I'd want to do it here). But I'm selfish and a pansy and I know I won't want to be separated from my new husband for that long. (I don't know how army wives do it. Really.)

This isn't all about the wedding thing either. The thought of more school (esp. DMA work) makes me want to hurt myself. I mean, isn't a Master's enough?? Besides, I can always go back to school, right? I guess I'm feeling like once I get my masters I'm going to want to settle down and set up shop somewhere, you know? (Although I guess I did pick the wrong career path if I want stability)

I know this is all lightyears away and I don't have to (and probably shouldn't) be thinking about it now, and who knows what's going to happen in 2 years and blah blah blah. But it's just something on my mind. I don't know.

(I can see my sister reading this and freaking out. Calm down. And don't tell Mama.)

Anyway, Halloween was pretty lame. I wish I had known about this "Zombie Parade" downtown! Could have been much fun. We didn't get a single trick-or-treater. I guess I couldn't really expect any in an apt. complex, but I always see kiddies getting on/off the school bus by Heritage so I guess I got my hopes up. Stupid Puppy wriggled out of, chewed and ripped his little jack-o-lantern shirt. It's fixable (even with my limited sewing skillz) but his lack of Halloween spirit is disappointing. Wait until he gets a Christmas sweater. I'm gonna glue it on him. At least we got to keep all the candy, we ordered pizza and watched Ghost Hunters and It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown...night wasn't a total loss.
And praise Jesus for that extra hour of sleep can-ah-git-uh-a-MEN-uh!!
(That last "uh" was a schwa. You betta reckonize.)
It's a LOT easier to get up in the mornings now that the sun rises earlier than effing 8:30.
Still haven't gotten Music History tests back. Grr. Class is a particular waste of time now that she's started posting lecture notes online (vague as they are).

Choir. Boo.